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The Adhyyan School

“Foundation of Human Potential” is our vision and Mission. All our efforts put-in at The Adhyyan School aims to evolve our students’ into better professionals and even better human beings… The Adhyyan School aims at enriching the lives of its students’, their families and community through dedication to principles of Learning, Discipline, Service and Education with Values. Based on these values TAS worked on the concept of Education Excellence & Spirit of Positive Change during the Year 2014-15 with excellent results. The school is a vision of Shri Ram Niwas ji who founded the R.S.Educational Society with an aim to provide quality education to children in a student friendly ambiance.

Our principal

<p align=”justify”>The Adhyyan School works on the principals of Learning, Discipline, Service and Education with Values. The TAS students are  inculcated with The Spirit of Positive Change to make their Attitude strong and to make them Action oriented.</p>

Four major components

Caring relationships
Academic environment
Structure & safety
Participatory learning

Affiliation & Accreditation

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