Project Description

World of Sports

Being one of the best schools in Meerut India and Meerut as a Sports City of India, the Adhyyan School believes that Sports is a great way for children to learn the essential Life Skills that they will require in later life, such as team work and cooperation. Physical Activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health.

The Adhyyan School promotes physical activity from as early as the Pre Nursery grades, a physical education curriculum for children aged 2-5. The program is designed by fitness professionals to address the growing concerns for the health and well being of students in the Pre Primary Section. The ‘Athletic Adhyyan’ Sports program for Primary Grades is based on the fact that athletics is the foundation for all sports. This program allows a child to explore his/ her full potential and attain maximum physical strength.

The impressive indoor and outdoor sports facilities available at the Adhyyan School ensure an overall growth of the children. At the GD Goenka Signature School, more than 60,000 sq ft of space is dedicated to various indoor and outdoor sports.

Play fields are the heart & soul of an institution or an establishment since they are the bulwarks of a healthy society. As a matter of fact our school has rich networks of courts & play fields.

Basket Ball Court – Ensconced in the backyard of the school premises, covered from three sides giving it perfect location as good as being indoor, the court has international dimensions.

Football Field – We have a verdant football field lush with grass and well maintained since besides football it is extended to accommodate other activities also, like Cricket, in the vastness of its arena.

Cricket Ground – Cricket Ground forms a part of larger complex of football & Athletics arena, where the activity is smoothly conducted. The ground is effectively utilized for matches as well as net practice, after the school hours.

Volleyball – The school boasts of standard size volleyball court. The court is regularly marked and activity conducted evenly.

Track & Field – For the effective conduct of Track & Field activity we have Athletics arena with a 200 mts. Track marked besides pit for long jump and equipment’s for high jump.

At the Adhyyan School, the Activity Programme is an integral part of a child’s education serving in many ways as an extension of the guiding philosophy that encourages experiential learning through the Real World Curriculum. The Adhyyan School has a thriving and energetic Performing Arts Programme. Three floors in main building are dedicated for performing Arts like Music, Dance and Theater. Each studio is equipped with world class facilities to hone the creative skills of the students. The Dance Programme focuses on movement, exploration, observation, and expression through a combination of dance choreography. During the Music Lessons, students are introduced to a variety of Indian and International instruments and apart from vocal music, they also learn to play a variety of musical instruments like the piano, guitar, drums, djembe drums, tabla and many more. Theater, music and improvisational movement help students to improve their body language and enhance their personalities.

At the Adhyyan School, the Visual Arts Suite is designed to foster artistic expression and creativity in its students. National and international art forms are introduced to the students in this room. It’s vibrant hues and effervescent ambiance inculcate a creative temperament in the young learners and help them to emerge as true global artisans. The art work of students is regularly displayed within the school and to motivate the students they are regularly encouraged to participate in Art Exhibitions and Competitions.