Project Description

The Montessori method is a child centric educational approach based on scientific observations of the children from birth to adulthood and has been successfully implemented for over a century in a variety of cultures across the globe. The Montessori methodology is a scientific blend of developmental milestones (nature) and the prepared environment (nurture). When nature and nurture are in harmony and synchronization, it is possible to optimize the potential of all children.

Under the guidance of qualified Montessori mentors, learners at Adhyyan School, start their journey of learning, with the focus on Montessori methods in the Pre Primary grades. The classrooms are well-equipped with all the Montessori material required by the learners to make learning more meaningful besides being FUN! A learning triangle is formed by the mentor, the child and the environment in the classroom.

We at The Adhyyan School agree that your child is your most precious treasure and nurturing them in a safe environment is an absolute must. To ensure that the child at our facility is absolutely safe there are various safety measures taken:

  • Child safe toys and furniture (Non-toxic with no sharp edges)
  • CCTV monitored
  • Security guard at the gate
  • Police verified employees
  • Log in Registers at gate
  • Parent Guardian Id card for pick-up

Any early childhood educator would agree that pre-schooling is not complete without a tripartite agreement. The child is at the apex of the triangle with the Parent & the school at the base. Hence parents play an important part in their child’s schooling. Regular parental guidance programmes on various topics such as child nutrition, child rearing, dealing with behavioural problems in children are some of the topics dealt with by experts associated with the school in these fields. One to one interaction with parents, active & enthusiastic participation of parents in activities like the sing-along sessions, carnivals, sports day, Annual day make it a very fulfilling experience for every parent. Each child is assessed every term & has his/her own record of growth & progress.