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Minds Evolved – curriculum/assessments/special attention classes

The School admits students from class Nursery to 10, after a brief entrance test and an interaction with the child and his/her parents. The C.B.S.E norms of 1:20 is followed.

Individual focus on each child is the basic idea as each child is unique with different set of qualities and understanding. The school strives to provide infrastructure and facilities to let the ‘raw-imagination’ evolve. Teachers are experienced and ready to engage with a child, to pacify his queries and to boost him and encourage his ideas.

Children are encouraged to put their classroom learning into action.

Special Attention Classes are arranged for students according to the need. We understand the learning levels are different and some children will need extra effort and focus to understand their subjects and clear doubts and questions.

Students are encouraged to ask questions. In a first in Meerut we shall be placing ‘Query Boxes’ on various floors and locations in the school. Teachers will collect these queries and solve them for the kids in an open session. Best queries shall be awarded every month.

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