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Q. How many food breaks are there in the school timing?
There is one snack break for pre-primary students and a snack and lunch break for primary, secondary students.

Q. Do you offer meals in the school?
Yes we offer wholesome well-balanced vegetarian meals. Morning snacks and lunch is provided to students which is prepared in our kitchen.

Q. Is it compulsory to have food from school?
No, it is optional and separate charges to have paid.

Q. How do you ensure that the food cooked is good or not?
The food sample is first checked by a responsible person for quality and taste and then served to children. Also, it is compulsory for all staff members to have food in the school to further ensure the quality.

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Q. How often the smart classes are in action in your school?
A smart class is effective when it is shown at a relevant point .We have smart classes(with air-conditioning) in every classroom

Q. Does the exposure to the screen harm children’s eyesight?
The children are seated at a comfortable distance from the projection. Moreover, the smart classes are not shown for long hours.

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Q. How do you create a safe environment for children?
The teachers are present in all the classrooms all the time. They are on duty during break time as well. We also have CCTV cameras installed at the main entrance and buildings of the school. Also all children carry identity cards. Our buses are equipped with GPS along-with the presence of a female/male attendant

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Q. How do you ensure proper hygiene in the school?
We have a team of house- keeping staff which is well trained by a supervisor.The school is cleaned round the clock to ensure proper hygiene.

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Q. Where all does your buses ply?
Our buses ply to almost all the areas in Meerut, Modinagar.

Q. How safe are your buses?
Our buses are equipped with GPS manned by fully trained staff. Parents can track the location of the buses at any point of time.

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Q. Which all sports do you offer?
We offer Basketball, Cricket, Skating, Chess, Table Tennis

Q. Does your children compete outside school?
We organize sports tournaments in Chess, Skating, Table Tennis and Basketball. We also take part in other competitions held in Meerut city.

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Q. What medical help do you provide to children when they need it?

We have a medical room on ground floor which is managed by Hospital.Their staff nurse is present all through school time to look after children’s medical requirement. However,we recommend that a sick child should stay at home till the time he/she does not recover. In case of an emergency the child is taken to the hospital and parents are informed.

Curriculum 2017-01-07T17:20:48+00:00

Which curriculum do you follow?
Our school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and we follow syllabus created by National Council for Educational Research and Training(NCERT)

What is the assessment system you follow?
We follow the CCE (continuous comprehensive assessment system) as per CBSE norms. Grades are evaluated through curricular and extra-curricular activities along with academics.

What are the co-curricular activities in your school?
We offer Theater, Movie Making, Photography, Art and Craft, Dance, Music, Robotics, Quizzes, Debates and more depending on the class.

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