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Methodology & Learning Styles

Character shapes the future. Learning with Honest, Respect and Compassion are the values that make the child successful. With images of violence and bitterness all around it becomes all the more imperative that we instil values in our children. Moral Science classes are the need of the times. We strive to make children understand our Holy books and underlying message of love, humanity and excellence.

Parents are our important bridge with the child. Maximum time an impressionable child spends is with their parents’. We request to parents to help the child continue and practice at home the Spirit of Positive Change that he learns and experiences from the school.

We welcome Parents and their Children to be part of The Adhyyan Family and witness the Spirit of Positive Change.

Student-Teacher Relationship

No factor is more important for positive school outcomes than the children’s perception of the teacher’s attitude toward them. When students believe that their teachers care about them, see them as competent, respect their views and desire their success, they tend to work toward fulfilling those high expectations. We at The Adhyyan School are proud of our teachers.

The Adhyyan School – Nurturing a positive school environment

  • School environment and school connectedness can be the determining factors in a young person’s educational experience.
  • When students believe that adults- the teachers, the staff and the management – in the school care about them, have high expectations for their education and will provide the support essential to their success, they thrive.
  • When teachers and staff are deeply engaged in creating a safe, nurturing, challenging school environment, their job satisfaction increases.
  • “… if young people do not know that we care, they will never care what we know. “ So its important to engage young learners
  • The point is that life stressors, no matter what the cause, if ignored, impede learning.
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