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Smart Class Rooms

An intelligent school system can provide its leaders with the tools and insights they need. Imparting education to today’s youngsters, by applying technological aids, is one of the means of making them competitive in this ever demanding world. The students of “The Adhyyan School”, Meerut now have the advantage of DigiClass solution. DigiClass aims at converting traditional classrooms into interactive learning centres by combining state-of-the-art hardware with up-to-date content.

DigiClass offers unique advantages and makes the classroom sessions more interactive and interesting. The solution is structured, easy-to-understand and syllabus-compliant. Difficult concepts in Science and Mathematics are simplified with diagrams and illustrations, making teaching easy and effective. Also, the audio-visual approach enables better comprehension and retention.

It comes preloaded with thousands of learning elements such as animations, diagrams, simulations, videos, worksheets, audio / visual lesson plans, teaching guidelines all of which leads to better teaching practices It allows teachers to create customized lesson plans.

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