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The Adhyyan School is build on a solid foundation of traditional values and blessings from the elders.
The school is a vision of Shri ram Niwas ji who founded the R.S.Educational Society with an aim to provide quality education to children in a student friendly ambiance.

TAS aims at enriching the lives of its students’, their families and community through dedication to principles of Learning, Discipline, Service and Education with Values. Based on these values TAS worked on the concept of Education Excellence & Spirit of Positive Change during the Year 2016-17 with excellent results.

The Adhyyan School works on four critical components to maintain an outstanding school climate:

  1. Caring
  2. Safety and structure
  3. Academic rigor and support
  4. Prticipation

Our mission is to provide our children (students) information that is honest, thorough and balanced. Diverse seeks to be a catalyst for change, and our ultimate objective is to contribute to the building of educational, cultural & social structures that will allow every individual to achieve his or her full human potential and contribute to the greater good of the society and the nation.

The positive school environment at The Adhyyan School enhances motivation, increases educational aspirations and improves attendance and retention.

“Make a friend” philosophy “the best thing our teacher do is to empathise with the kids, just say they are going to be there for them if they ever need anybody to talk to. .. so if they just tell them they are going to be there for them.”

Maryam at Adhyyan

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