Secondary and Senior Secondary School
Class IX to XII

A variety of streams are offered at the school, including the Humanities Stream, Science Stream, and Commerce Stream. In order to pursue a successful career, the focus is on self-learning and experiential learning.

Class 9 to Class 12
Foundation of Human Potential

The Adhyyan School

Curriculums focus on basic facts and concepts, processes and skills, application of knowledge acquired, and use of technology. Additionally, the curriculum develops a positive attitude toward thinking and analyzing logically, reasoning abilities, problem-solving approaches, and interdisciplinary learning as well. Curriculum delivery in the senior secondary section which emphasizes knowledge construction.

Secondary education at TAS emphasizes the all-around development of students, as well as an understanding of various vital branches of knowledge. Furthermore, it promotes democratic principles in the country while training students to become responsible citizens. Students are encouraged to feel united in diversity through these activities, which inform them how significant they are for the country’s social and economic development. Students also gain practical skills through rational development.