Primary School
Class I to V

Thematic Learning Program

As part of our Thematic Learning program, we aim to develop a wide range of skills in learners, all of which are integral to our curriculum.

  • Thinking
  • Social and Self-management
  • Communication
  • Research

Clas 1 to 5
Foundation of Human Potential

The Adhyyan School

Languages, mathematics, science, and social studies are taught as individual subjects and as integrated subjects in the primary school curriculum. The model of learning is customized to the needs of the students, which is helpful as every student learns at his/her own pace. Classes are designed to imbibe the following basic traits:

  • Completing the individual tasks assigned to them
  • Taking on challenges and solving them independently
  • Enhancing their language, analytical, and numerical skills
  • Participation in different group activities to develop their social skills

In primary school, the focus is to build a solid foundation for self-study to ensure smooth sailing through middle school, high school, and senior secondary school. In addition to academics, we encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities (through work-sheets and projects) from an early age. In our teaching methodology, classroom discussions are emphasized as a means of learning concepts for language development.