What is the admission procedure?

For those seeking admissions, an informal interaction will be conducted in which pupil and both the parents have to be present. The final decision of the admission committee will be binding.

What is the fee structure?

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What curriculum will The Adhyyan School follow?

The Adhyyan School, Meerut follows CBSE curriculum.

Will the school authorities be taking adequate measures to ensure hygiene in the school?

Adhyyan School maintains a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene through regular inspections and monitoring by its administration and principal.

What is the kind of security offered to the students?

All buses and classrooms are equipped with CCTV cameras, and all students are accompanied by their teachers or class monitors when moving between blocks.

The Adhyyan School


The Adhyyan School
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Shatabdi Nagar, Meerut 250103,
Uttar Pradesh – India
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