Junior School

Junior School at The Adhhyan School

We emphasize child-centered learning and aim to develop a variety of skills in each child as integral components of our curriculum

  • Thinking
  • Social and Self-management
  • Communication
  • Research

Adhyyan Junior School
Foundation of Human Potential

Adhyyan Early Years

Creating an everlasting foundation..

The Montessori method is a child-centric educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood and has been successfully implemented for over a century in a variety of cultures across the globe. The Montessori methodology is a scientific blend of developmental milestones (nature) and the prepared environment (nurture). When nature and nurture are in harmony and synchronization, it is possible to optimize the potential of all children.

Under the guidance of qualified Montessori mentors, learners at Adhyyan CBSE School in Meerut, start their journey of learning with the focus on Montessori methods in the Pre Primary grades. The classrooms are well-equipped with all the Montessori material required by the learners to make learning more meaningful besides being FUN! A learning triangle is formed by the mentor, the child and the environment in the classroom.