Adhyyan Middle School
Class VI to VIII

Class Vi to VIII
Foundation of Human Potential

The Adhyyan School

Children are thought to be functioning developmentally during these important middle childhood years, which Piaget termed the concrete and formal operational stages. It is during this phase that literacy, computational skills, and conceptual skills are acquired. In addition, children develop relatively permanent attitudes about school and learning, including study habits.

With age, a child’s academic and social self-concepts develop incrementally. The time is right for students to learn effective habits to help them succeed in high school, secondary school, and beyond. By fostering active engagement, participation, and inclusivity in the classroom, we promote civic engagement. By participating in classroom activities and discussions, we always encourage student learning.

It is imperative that there are opportunities for students to share their own ideas with others and explore leadership roles to gain self-confidence and courage. We focus on classroom activities to increase student engagement through real-life simulations, hands-on tasks, and collaboration with others.

By actively participating in opportunities like these, students learn more meaningfully and make memorable memories.