It was a mesmerizing performance, and an awesome event, that proved why TASians are known for being exceptional. The Pre-Primary section of The Adhyyan School celebrated its annual day on 14 November 2022. It is the culmination of the academic year at the school and a time for the school and students to recognize their accomplishments. The event gives students an opportunity to showcase their unique talents and achievements. It provides a chance for teamwork amongst our peers as well as the ability to take pride in what the school stands for. Every program event is carefully selected based on its importance and value for the audience.
Following the welcome of guests, school prayer takes place. The events include a variety of meaningful dance dramas and songs performed by students. In the session, our students addressed various environmental issues. We also had storytelling sessions and poetry recitations between performances to provide fillers. The school ensures that all students participate because each child is special and important to us. We think every child deserves a chance to develop their talents and showcase them through such public performances.
The entire purpose of having an annual day at school is to encourage harmonious relationships between parents and their children. This is to let them appreciate and enjoy their children’s talents.
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