As the Adhyyan Early Years students delightfully entered the school premises to celebrate Mango Fest, it was a sweet and juicy morning for the tiny tots at The Adhyyan School Meerut.

It was quite exciting for the children to be able to make their own memories of the cause by wearing mango-shaped badges. In the beginning, we discussed the king of fruits- the mango, followed by rhymes and singing sessions that the kids thoroughly enjoyed. Besides its taste and fleshy yellow colour, teachers informed students that it is a nutrient-dense fruit that contains vitamins C and A. A fiber-rich fruit, this fruit boosts digestion and prevents heat stroke. Additionally, they were told about its various forms of consumption, such as mango shake, ice cream, jam, pickle, and chutney.

After eating their meal, the little chefs enjoyed the kitchenette activity and prepared the mango pudding. With immense pleasure in their hearts, the children left for their homes at the end of the day. This will remain a very memorable event in their little minds for a long time to come.