Today marks a momentous occasion as we gather at the Prime Minister’s Auditorium in Delhi to celebrate the achievements of our outstanding students. The esteemed Chief Guest for the event is Mr. Himanshu Gupta, an exemplary individual who currently serves as an IAS officer and holds the prestigious position of Director of Education in Delhi.

In a proud moment for our school, one of our brilliant students, Kartik Singhal, has been honored with the National Hindi Talent Award by the “Hindi Vikas Sansthan.” The ceremony took place amidst the three statues at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. Kartik Singhal, a dedicated student from our institution, has proven his mettle and brought glory to our school.

A total of 17 students, including Kartik, from “The Adhyyan School” in Meerut, have achieved the remarkable feat of securing the Gold and Silver positions, unfurling the banner of success bearing our school’s name high. Their names have been immortalized in the prestigious Golden Books of the Hindi Vikas Sansthan.

The event today is a testimony to the dedication, hard work, and excellence displayed by these students. Kartik Singhal, with his unwavering commitment to academic excellence, has not only made our school proud but has also become a symbol of inspiration for others.

Mr. Himanshu Gupta, in his address, commended the efforts of the students and emphasized the importance of nurturing talent and promoting academic achievements. He expressed his delight in witnessing the young minds shaping the future of our nation and encouraged them to continue their pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

As we celebrate this momentous occasion, let us reflect on the significance of recognizing and appreciating the efforts of our students. Their achievements not only bring honor to our school but also contribute to the larger goal of fostering educational excellence in our society.

Congratulations to Kartik Singhal and all the students from “The Adhyyan School” in Meerut for their exceptional accomplishments. May their success inspire generations to come, and may they continue to shine brightly on the path of knowledge and achievement.