The Adhyyan School in Meerut has once again proven its excellence in sports! Our talented students participated in the 5th UP Open State Roller Sports Championship 2024, held at the JSR Track in Ghaziabad from 24th to 26th May. Their remarkable achievements have left us all proud and inspired.

Medal Tally

  • Riddhima Rajput:
    • 1 Lap: Gold
    • 3000mtr: Bronze
    • 500mtr: Silver
  • Shreya Sikka:
    • 1 Lap: Bronze
    • 1000mtr: Bronze
    • 500mtr: Bronze
  • Bhavin Dhingra (Boys, 14-17 age group):
    • 1 Lap Road Race: Bronze
    • 1000mtr Rink Race: Gold
    • 500mtr Rink Race: Gold
  • Lavya Narang:
    • 3000mtr Road Race: Bronze

Total Medals: 10 ️

  • Gold: 3
  • Silver: 1
  • Bronze: 6

Celebrating Excellence

Our students’ dedication, hard work, and passion for roller skating have paid off. They’ve not only showcased their skills but also demonstrated the spirit of sportsmanship. The Adhyyan School community stands behind them, celebrating their achievements and encouraging them to reach even greater heights.