The Adhyyan School

It is with immense pride and joy that we share the news of a significant achievement in the educational journey of The Adhyyan School. Our esteemed Principal, Mr. Sunil Kumar Verma, has been nominated by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for an exceptional opportunity – Campus Exposure and Training at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Gandhinagar.

A Recognition of Excellence

This nomination is a testament to Mr. Verma’s dedication, hard work, and commitment to the field of education. It is a recognition of his relentless pursuit of academic excellence and his visionary leadership that has consistently steered The Adhyyan School towards new heights.

The Journey Ahead

The training at IIT Gandhinagar promises to be a transformative experience. It will provide Mr. Verma with an opportunity to interact with some of the brightest minds in the country, gain insights into cutting-edge research and teaching methodologies, and bring back valuable knowledge and experiences that will benefit our students and the entire school community.

A Step Towards a Brighter Future

We believe that this opportunity will further equip Mr. Verma to guide our students on the path of academic excellence and holistic development. His experiences at IIT Gandhinagar will undoubtedly enrich our educational practices and contribute to making The Adhyyan School a beacon of quality education.

We congratulate Mr. Verma on this remarkable achievement and wish him all the best for his upcoming journey. We eagerly look forward to the positive changes this opportunity will bring to our school and our students.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey!

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