March 2024

Graduation Day Ceremony Nursery / LKG / UKG.

Session 2023-24

On March 29, 2024, The Adhyyan School in Shatabdi Nagar, Meerut hosted a spectacular Graduation Day Ceremony for the young stars of classes Nursery, LKG, and UKG. It was a momentous occasion where our little learners took their first steps toward a bright future.

Here’s a glimpse of the festivities:

  1. Pomp and Circumstance: The air buzzed with excitement as our adorable graduates donned their caps and gowns. Parents, teachers, and fellow students cheered them on as they marched to the stage.
  2. Tassel Turning: With pride in their eyes, our tiny graduates flipped their tassels from right to left—a symbolic gesture marking their transition from one phase of learning to the next.
  3. Diploma Presentation: Each child received a personalized diploma, recognizing their achievements and growth. The joy on their faces was priceless!
  4. Performances: The stage came alive with vibrant performances—songs, dances, and skits. These little stars showcased their talents, leaving the audience in awe.
  5. Words of Wisdom: Our school principal, teachers, and special guests shared inspiring words. They emphasized the importance of curiosity, kindness, and lifelong learning.
  6. Photo Moments: Parents captured precious memories as their children posed with friends, teachers, and their hard-earned diplomas.

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The Adhyyan School is not just an institution; it’s a nurturing home where dreams take flight. We believe in holistic education, fostering creativity, and celebrating every milestone. If you want to know more about our school, visit our website: The Adhyyan School.

Let’s continue to inspire and empower our young learners!

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