The Adhyyan School Meerut organized a workshop on the importance of the right physical posture for students in senior classes. The main objective of the workshop was to empower physical awareness and self-empowerment among our students. Students were provided with valuable skills and tips on the benefits of the right physical posture.
Dr. Vikas Agarwal was the keynote speaker of the workshop. He explained the importance of choosing the right physical posture and how it can impact our overall health and well-being. He also shared some simple exercises that students can do to improve their posture.
The Principal of the school, Mr. Sunil Kumar Verma, welcomed the attendees and stressed the importance of physical awareness among students. He said that good posture is essential for both physical and mental health.
The workshop was an interactive session that was enjoyed by all students. They learned a lot about the importance of good posture and how to improve it.
We are grateful to Dr. Vikas Agarwal for sharing his knowledge with our students. We are also grateful to all the students and teachers who attended the workshop.

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